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Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) for Aviation


CBTA is the State-of-the-Art training paradigm in aviation, introduced as a world-wide standard by ICAO Annex 1 revision in 2020. is one of the most experienced companies in CBTA: it dates back as long as 2009: our founder Christian Norden was core member of the IATA Evidence Based Training (EBT) task force and had an expert role for the complete development process in ICAO, EASA and the implementation in AOCs and ATOs.

We support the total-system approach of CBTA for AOCs and ATOs: the full-range implementation from development of CBTA in Pilot Training, Type Rating Training, EBT Recurrent Training, to Upgrade to Command Training.  


Design of sCompetency Based Grading System and Instructor/Evaluator concordance programs complement our products.



Training for Authorities and Regulators


We support National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and Regulators with qualification and training courses in CBTA for their staff. We provide independent in-sight training expertise to facilitate rule making and oversight. We deliver CBTA Familiarization Courses for Authority personnel, e.g. to inspectors.


EASA ATO Approvals


Together with our partners we support ATOs during the complete process, from application until achieving an EASA ATO approval. To enable commercially efficient, compliant and safe training operations, we develop and maintain optimized manuals (OMM, TRM, OM)




UPRT - Program design

Together with our partners we provide well designed UPRT programs for AOCs and ATOs, compliant with regulations and IATA / OEM guidance. This includes AdvancedUPRT Programs for ATOs delivering the FCL.745.A course. We provide instructor standardisation for these courses.




Evidence-based training


We support operators during the implementation of EBT principles and mixed EBT programs.




Instructor concordance


We educate instructors in delivering competency-based training and train them in performing formative and summative assessments of pilot performance during CBTA programs. The design and use of CBTA grading schemes is a core element we support.Instructor concordance (Inter-rater-reliability) is the foundation of training data analysis and pilot/course evaluation. We support operators in the implementation of an instructor concordance assurance program (ICAP). Evidence-based training Training for Authorities and Regulators Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) for Aviation


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